Chris Flanighan

  • coaching personal development
  • Oct 18, 2019
Full time Rugby League

Personal Summary

I have worked in a variety of different jobs and have gained valuable experience from all the jobs I have taken in the past and I have been able to use all of this experience in my day to day life and in my coaching. At the moment I am currently a student at Newcastle college studying sports coaching and science I am now in my second year of my degree and I am awaiting on my results and I am hoping to go into my third year and then onto my PGCE and then become a teacher, I have undertaken many course along the way to help me on my own personal development. I have completed my level one and level two rugby coaching qualification and also my first aid qualification along with a child protection and safe guarding course, rugby ready, and scrum factory. Through doing all of these course I have managed to now go on and have my own under 12s team at the rugby club were I play, I started off with only five boys and with my self being head coach and a team of two assistant coaches and a team manager I have managed to go from five lads to twenty players in six month of a mixture of girls and boys who come to training on a regular basis. Along with having my own under twelves team I have had to keep an eye on my coaches and help with their development by allowing them to take training sessions and guiding them to what the under twelves need, it has been a huge challenge to accomplish this but I have enjoyed every minute and I have loved the challenge and to be able to accomplish the challenge at the highest possible standard. Wallsend rugby club have recently asked me to go into a local school to get more children playing rugby in the area and to try to establish a link between the school and the club this was only supposed to be a four week placement but the school has asked me to stay on until the end of the summer this is a voluntary position and I do not get paid for any of this but it allows me to put all my coaching theory into practice and this has allowed me to develop my own coaching philosophy. Over the years I have had to work as a team and on my own I enjoy both as working with a team allows you develop good communication skills and the opportunity to pick other people minds and ideas to develop my own ideas that I could either use in my day to day life or in my coaching sessions, however working on my own has allowed me to gain valuable experience of organising myself and organising my own coaching sessions and my own CPD (coaching personal development).


I have attached a CV and hope to hear back from you.
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