James Chapman

  • professional football player
  • Oct 18, 2019
Full time Football

Personal Summary

A highly qualified UEFA Pro-Licence Coach, with over 30 years experience as a professional player, coach, manager, development officer and coach educator who has a thirst for knowledge and seeks responsibility to expand experiences.  A talented, self motivated and dedicated individual with excellent people management and communication skills who is driven by learning and sharing.

As a UEFA Pro Licence, SFA/UEFA Youth and Children’s Licence holder I have attained the top qualification at every level and a proud product of the Scottish Football Association’s coach education pathway. I have also embarked on my continued personal development by undertaking further education courses relating to the performance coaching, culture and environment surrounding the overall development of the individual player, coach and team. This provides excellent learning opportunities for my personal development and the experience, knowledge and vast array of skills and qualities gained permits me to stay ahead of the ever changing trends surrounding the continued development of the player and coach as well as the modern day game.

With extensive knowledge of every aspect of player and team development and performance analysis within football and now that I have served my football coaching and management apprenticeship, I am ready for the next step in my career. I have an excellent and proven track record in achieving success at first team level while recognising the importance of promoting and developing youth players and integrating them into the first team environment.

I have gained a reputation as a forward thinking modern day coach and manager and have received many compliments on my leadership style and coaching philosophy. My desire to progress and develop players, coaches and Clubs has brought about vast experiences and success which has given me the self-belief and drive to move forward and seek the challenge to work at the highest level.

As a positive, open minded coach and manager,  I have all the qualifications necessary in relation to assisting Clubs meet the required Licence criteria in all fields and have a wealth of experience and knowledge across the sports continuum from participation to elite performance levels.

Personal strengths is my determination and willingness to learn in order to continue to develop and to be the best I can be with the aim to share all my experiences and knowledge to maximise the potential of players coaches and Clubs both on and off the park.

My experience and involvement in the game and through my coach education background and UEFA studies has enabled me to build up a strong network of contacts throughout the country and abroad. These contacts are fundamental in seeking advice, support and guidance, sharing good practice and creating strong ‘two-way’ relationships with regards to player movement and recruitment. My coaching credentials are widely acknowledged and recently led to an invitation to present to the FAI/ UEFA Pro-Licence coaches to share my experiences in Club Development and my Coaching Philosophy. Also for the past 4 years I have been part of the SFA Performance Strategy Working group that is responsible for holistic development of the game at elite performance levels.