Michael Carolan (preferred name Mike)

  • coaching
  • Oct 18, 2019
Part time Multi-Sport

Personal Summary

I have worked for over ten years in the fields of coaching, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. I am an enthusiastic hard working individual who takes pride in helping others. I have worked in solo and as part of high pressured interdisciplinary teams within elite performance set ups.

I hold an MSc in Exercise and Sports Science and a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation. In addition to my training I am set to complete the UKSCA accreditation pathway later this year, having undertook the whole process over the last two years. After this I intend to complete both NSCA and BASES accreditation within the next 2 years. One day I intend to undertake another MSc potentially in Strength and Conditioning and a long term goal of mine in the not too distant future is to complete a PhD in a subject pertaining to athletic performance and rehabilitation.


I am a confident and driven individual, I have a track record of working with all age groups male and female. As such feel I am fully capable of delivering performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation support to your academy players working in an interdisciplinary nature with other professionals.


I have a track record of establishing strength and conditioning and rehabilitative best practice, including injury reduction interventions such as my time at Manchester City Ladies where we instigated a jump training warm up that saw a 90% reduction in non-traumatic knee injuries.


During my 6 years in track and field I helped athletes compete both nationally and internationally, one such individual was able to take his personal best from 11.2 seconds down to 10.8 breaking the club record and attending the national championships in Bedford.


I have never shied away from challenges having set up the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning (reconditioning) protocols in my current role, working alongside the Physiotherapist(s) on camp and helping to discharge over 250 injured soldiers. A bi-product of this new approach saw several soldiers attending Special Forces Selection based on their fitness outcomes. This trend saw more soldiers coming to me for support in attempting the demanding SAS and Special Forces selection courses. Overall we have seen a 60% drop in injury rates based on the new approach to both training and rehabilitation since my arrival in 2014.


My training, experience and research endeavours have seen me utilise Sports Science equipment including isokinetic dynamometers, kistler force plates, quantic 3 dimensional motion capture technology, heart rate monitors, wattbikes, body fat calipers and 2 dimensional video analysis. I have three years fitness testing at West Bromwich Albion FC as part of this.


During my time with Great Britain Basketball, England Lacrosse and Macclesfield RUFC I undertook athletic screening and fitness tests to feed back into training camps and potential strength and conditioning interventions for the players. This fed into squad selection during training camps and preseason and gave players targets and coaches have consulted with me on player progress and suitability. Some of this has been taken from the FMS or from well-known athletic screening tasks such as the star excursion balance test and yo-yo intermittent fitness test.


I am able to deliver 121 and group sessions and have done this in all of my roles including RAMP warm ups, technical running sessions, Olympic lifting sessions and 3 dimensional fascial / yoga style mobility sessions. My teaching experience has given me the skills to deliver to large groups with clear session goals and feedback to aid in building intrinsic athlete motivation to develop and improve on both athletic and personal levels.


Part of my work has meant juggling up to 5 roles at any one time, across different sites working 7 days a week, including unsociable hours to meet the needs of my athletes. This has included national and international travel with teams in rugby and basketball.


I am able to undertake DBS checks, as I have 8 years of working for the Manchester Youth Service I am accustomed to checks in addition to child protection training. This was before my professional work in this field, where I worked as a Sports and Youth Outreach Team Leader with 8-16 year olds.


My strengths are that I am always learning, never afraid to fail, get up and go again. I am always the first there as I hate being late and often the last to leave. I have a passion for what I do and I love working as part of a team, towards a goal. I love my work. It is one of my achievements, that I have undertook this work and completed the studies being the first in my family to complete an undergraduate degree.


I have a full UK drivers licence and membership with BASRaT and associate membership to the UKSCA.