Mark Elton

  • Football Coach
  • Portsmouth
  • Dec 17, 2019
Full time   management coaching Coordination Analysis Scout

Personal Summary

Originally from Portsmouth England, my football background illustrates diverse experience in coaching, managing and organizing youth programs in club and provincial settings in Europe, North America and Asia.

 As the Regional Technical Director for Soccer Cape Breton, my role was to design and oversee the technical programs and development of coaches ensuring that all players and coaches are provided with sufficient opportunities to improve their skills and achieve their highest potential.

This senior leadership position emphasized player development.

The role ensured the Cape Breton Districts commitment towards the development of its players and coaches remain aligned with the principles of Soccer Nova Scotia, Canada Soccer and Long Term Player Development.

Since starting UKCoach-China I have designed and delivered successful football programs to schools and clubs in Shanghai.

As an ESL School Football Coach my role was to deliver on field and in class challenging and fun football lessons in English to students grades 1 to 10 at Chinese schools in Shanghai, provide after school interest clubs and prepare School team for competitions.

As a Scout, assessing the games of upcoming opponents, producing reports of the team and individual players to identify the relative tactical threats and weaknesses in the opposition.

I am also experienced with game analysis, using video editing software and Longo-Match to capture and tag key elements of games for presentations and tactical meetings.

During the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 I worked with the Canadian Women’s National team in video capturing for opposition analysis.


In previous positions, my role was to design and oversee the technical programs and development of coaches ensuring that all players and coaches are provided with sufficient opportunities to improve their skills and achieve their highest potential.

As the technical lead, I was also very hands on with the coaching staff and players, leading the Regional Development program training sessions and mentoring coaches.


I have excellent communication and computer skills, having worked in a technical and managerial I.T environment for the past 27 years as well as being involved in the management of many high profile technical projects in Europe and North America.


During my professional life, I have also held many positions of responsibility including that of a Detachment Commander while serving in Germany, UK and the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) with the British Army, and as the UK Field Manager to a Telecommunications Installation company.

Work Experience

Technical Director
Aug 2018 - UKCoach-China

As the Technical Director of UKCoach in Canada and China, I provided a multitude of football/soccer services to clubs, organisations and individuals.

Duties and responsibilities include but not limit to:


  • Group or Individual Training
  • Club Management and Organisational Structure
  • Coach Education and Mentoring Services
  • Curriculum Planning and Coaching
  • Team and Player Scouting
  • Sporting Event Planning and Management
  • College Preparation and Scholarships (Educate USA)
Development Director Canadian Operations
Jan 2018 - ALL PRO Canada

As Development Director of Canadian Operations, I was responsible for introducing clubs in Canada to the product and services provided by ALL PRO.

ALL PRO Educate USA is a service design to help student athletes obtain academic and sporting scholarships to universities in the USA.

ALL PRO Sports tours are custom designed tours for clubs and players at locations around the world.

ALL PRO camps provide team and individual camps at clubs and at the ALL PRO HQ in Waterville ME.

As well as providing the Educate USA seminars, Sports Tours and Camps, I designed and introduced a Futsal program for students in grades 4-9 at schools in the Cape Breton region.

Regional Technical Director
Oct 2016 - Dec 2017 Soccer Cape Breton

As Regional Technical Director, I was responsible for leading the daily technical operations, coach education development and player development programs for the region and all 9 soccer clubs.

Additionally, the RTD ensured that the region’s strategic plan and soccer philosophy is implemented in all existing and new programs.

As RTD I was expected to play a dynamic leadership role including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Supporting the continuous improvement of best practice governance and operating systems related to player and coach development;
  • Addressing the frequent changes in the regional and provincial soccer landscape by adjusting plans and programs accordingly;
  • Following and implementing policies and systems that foster transparency, with an ultimate goal of creating a seamless soccer experience for members;
  • Assist Soccer Nova Scotia with the administration and delivery of CSA Coach Education workshops;
  • Production of semi-annual progress reports and maintaining the technical budget for the Executive board.;
  • Develop a sponsorship package with the purpose of reducing the cost of playing soccer;
  • Design and implement a technical strategy to raise the profile of SCB and advertise its programs;
Coordinator of Competition Operations and Services
Apr 2015 - Oct 2016 Soccer New Brunswick

As Coordinator of Competitions, Operations & Service I have had the opportunity to be hands on with every aspect of the Soccer New Brunswick organization.

My primary responsibilities include the coordination and delivery of quality SNB services in the area of competition including but not limited to:


  • Coordination of multiple high-profile projects at club, province and national level;
  • Producing, updating and maintaining policies, procedures, and regulations;
  • Producing digital and social media campaigns to promote programs and services;
  • Collecting analyzing and presenting reports obtained from electronic data;
  • Delivery of youth and adult soccer programs and workshops;
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts and relationships within the soccer community;


Sport (Football) Management
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