Nick Schofield

  • physiotherapist assistant
  • Oct 16, 2019
Part time Multi-Sport

Personal Summary

I have had a varied career with 20 years experience in the military, private gym management and more recently physiotherapist assistant (rehabilitation instructor) and strength and conditioning coach at Ipswich Town Football Club within the academy.


During my military career I was appointed Sergeant Major Instructor of Gunnery (SMIG) where I was responsible for administration, design and delivery of courses. I was employed as the subject matter expert to deliver training to soldiers preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. As part of this role I was required to offer advice and educate Commissioned Officers for their future employment. During this two-year tenure I was able to complete qualifications such as Prepare to Teach in the Lifelong Sector (PTTLS) level 3 and Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Sector (CTTLS) level 4.


During my recent employment I have been employed as a rehabilitation instructor responsible for strengthening NHS patients back to health after musculoskeletal problems. During this period I was responsible for educating these patients on anatomy, pain management and nutrition. My main task were as follows:


·       Conduct classes to strengthen muscles to reduce hip, knee, shoulder and back problems. During these classes I was required to utilize my knowledge to adapt exercises to suit the condition and ability of the individual.

·       My other task was to conduct 1 to 1 appointments to carryout assessments and home exercise plans for patients to conduct on their own.

·       Manage patients records taking into account data protection procedures.


Finally my last employment was an unpaid internship with Ipswich Town Football Club as a strength and conditioning coach. During this period it was my responsibilities were as follows:


·       Gym strength sessions focused on player development.

·       Pre-session warm ups for technical training with coaches.

·       Pre-match warm ups.

·       Speed, agility and quickness training focused on player development.

·       Rehabilitation sessions focused on injury and conditioning tests to assess for players ability to return to play or full time training.

·       Report rehabilitation sessions to physiotherapy team to record on FA PMA.

·       Record gym and outside conditioning sessions on FA PMA.