Sarah Cummins

  • Assistant Cashier
  • Oct 15, 2019
Part time Multi-Sport

Personal Summary

I am an enthusiastic worker and put my all into any challenges I am set. I have a keen interest in physical activity, health and sports development. I enjoy encouraging people to live a lifestyle that will allow them to live healthy and happy. My communication skills will be excellent in giving advice to people who want to stay healthy and active, I have lots of experience in one to one situations and have lead a team in several aspects. I think I am a good candidate for this opportunity to work with your company as I have many skills which I can bring but also an open mind to learn new skills and gain new qualifications.

Volunteer with Liverpool city council 2013

Liverpool city council set up a small scale gala for children with disabilities. I assisted in overlooking the gala and also encouraging the swimmers during the races.


Active Me volunteer November 2015 – January 2016

Ellergreen sports centre


These are sessions run for disabled adults and children to give them a chance at taking part in coach lead Activities e.g. multi-sports and swimming lessons.



·         Overlooking sports session taken by professional coaches

·         Being a partner if there is an odd number

·         Encouraging participation

·         Assisting if anyone seems to be struggling


Everton Swimming Association – Volunteer swim teacher


·         Swimming (teaching and training)

·         Working with the public in an open environment

·         Helping others make their lives better

·         Learning new skills

·         Expanding my knowledge of certain subjects

·         Working with peers on developing information learnt in university or at work

·         Music

·         Reading

·         Computer and IT work

Work Experience

Assistant Cashier
Oct 2013 - Oct 2019 Slater Menswear

• taking money off customers
• dealing with collections (orders online and alterations done in store)
• helping find the best solution to any problems or queries
• answering the phones to other stores or customers that phone concerning a problem or enquiry
• cashing up and balancing all the tills and banking the money the next day
• inputting everyone’s payroll into the system
• keeping track of any extras involved in the shop (checking petty cash, opening and administrating police accounts and sending all relevant paper work to head office in Glasgow

Occupational Health Advisor
- Oct 2016 John Moores Univeristy PLacement

• Conducting health checks in workers (see above for companies)
• Measurements included (blood glucose and cholesterol, blood pressure, Height, Weight, BMI, waist circumference)
• Face to face chat about their lifestyles choices (physical activity levels, smoking, alcohol, diet etc.)
• Analysis of accelerometer data and online survey data
• Presentations to companies and employee on results, ways to improve productivity, Presenteeism and absenteeism
• Use of excel spreadsheets with formulas and equations

Level 1 SWimming Teacher
Oct 2008 - ASA (Bubbles Swim School, Total Swimming, Thingwall swimming)

• To lead a group of children, from age 3-10, in half an hour swimming lessons.
• Plan the lessons
• Give relevant feedback to children and parents on how the progress of the child.
• Assist senior coaches conduct a session with higher level coaches

Customer Service Officer
Oct 2015 - Oct 2016 Royal Bank of ScotlandCustomer Service Officer

• Depositing and withdrawing cash from customers’ accounts at their request
• Cancelling and starting standing orders and direct debits
• Checking accounts for fraudulent or suspicious activity
• Providing statements to customers when asked for
• Balancing tills twice a day (morning and evening)
• Encouraging customers to take out home/life/car insurance if possible
• Setting up appointments for customers to discuss their accounts with a customer advisor.


Oct 2011 - Oct 2013 Broughton Hall High School
BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Oct 2013 - Oct 2016 Liverpool John Moores University
Broughton Hall High School