Laurence Gaughan

  • Lead coach
  • Byron Bay NSW, Australia
  • Jun 10, 2020
Full time Football

Personal Summary

I would describe myself as a hard working, ambitious and open-minded person and coach. I am very passionate about coaching and love improving individuals and teams. I would say my main strengths as a coach come from my elite playing background, my thirst for knowledge, learning something new every day and the ability to create training sessions that are interesting, enjoyable, dynamic, are all things I professionally carry out every day whilst coaching.  I believe a coach should have a positive effect on young people, coaches really do impact the lives of our future generations. They teach them vital life skills, which extend way beyond the principles and techniques of their sport. I believe sport is a vehicle to teach life skills, which enable athletes to become meaningful contributors to society. My role is therefore to develop self-awareness in my players to make positive life decisions, this means I must be an effective role model to all my players, this is something I carry out in every day life.