Gianluca Andreatta

  • rugby player
  • Oct 18, 2019
Full time Rugby League

Personal Summary

I have never really believed in the effect of these few lines. I am more than just adjectives and skills and I don't think I can be summarised in just one page.

Therefore, what I want to make sure before starting with my presentation, is that you know I will always offer honesty and dependability, in any possible situation.

I have a genuine passion for the Sport world and, in particular, its economic implications; be they the financial impact that sponsors and broadcasting rights have, or the effect of media interaction on fans and enthusiasts. I have a strong professional background, but I feel a change is needed at this stage of my life. This is why I decided to follow my passion, attending a Sport Management Master Degree last year, which I obtained at the end of September 2017.
I strongly believe that being involved in a Sport-related environment is what I need, and it is where I could perform at my best.

I am a charismatic and engaging team-player, energetic and innovative in my approach to achieving goals with benefits to the whole group,
not just myself.

My career as a rugby player helped me to develop the ability to remain calm in high pressure situations and to be a quick but logical thinker, together with a strong sense of belonging and how to behave in a team, while the most important thing that I learnt from my work experience is that getting things done is extremely important, but enthusiasm and being pro-active make the difference.

I consider myself as a practical self-starter, who is not afraid to accept new challenges and get fully involved in a 360° working experience. I am eager to put in practice the first-class analytical and quantitative tools that the academic studies brought me.
Furthermore, my learning-by-doing approach makes me able to work hard to pick things up quickly.

I love working with other people, especially when they have different backgrounds; I like to think that everyone has a different story to tell.
Indeed, I appreciate international contexts and learning foreign languages, which I believe to be useful competences in an international market,
such as Sports and Entertainment.

I am at your disposal for any further information about my candidacy,

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Gianluca Andreatta