Andrew Carrano

  • mental skills coach
  • Oct 18, 2019
Part time Multi-Sport

Personal Summary

I have recently completed my Masters Degree in Sport Psychology at Roehampton University. Here I enhanced my skills in concepts such as imagery, self-talk, relaxation, profiling and interviewing. It has enabled me to develop an understanding of how to help athletes use these psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and improve their performance. Additionally, my university projects have allowed to gain a deeper knowledge in team cohesion, collective efficacy and leadership, vital to achieving team success. I currently hold a Level Two coaching badge and will be completing my UEFA B qualification in the near future. Coaching a range of ages at various levels, including at Watford Community Trust, has taught me to organize and tailor training schedules to greater effect, building upon my experience gained when coaching at school team level, advising on tactics and providing post-match critical analysis. These skills I believe to be transferable into business.

Currently, I am working at Fulham FC across ages of the youth academy as a mental skills coach. Parallel to this, I am completing my BPS stage 2 accreditation in January. My role at Fulham requires me to run various workshop, on and off the training pitch, on concepts such as self-control, motivation, attention etc. In addition to this I liaise with parents on how to support their child’s development at the club and what kind of questions and strategies they can help implement at home. Additionally, I attend multi-disciplinary meetings to gain more information on certain players and provide specific training. Part of my training to become a sport psychologist is to build relationships and gain trust in one to one situations. This allows for more open discussions with athletes and enables me to develop and structure a more unique intervention. Although my role at Fulham is to offer mental skills coaching, a big part of the role is to support athlete development away from football. By supporting them through education and various parts of life, athletes can continue to progress as people outside of their sport. Liaising with parents, teachers and various educational institutions has given me great knowledge in helping athletes develop future educational and employment plans beyond sport, which I believe I can transfer to the given role.

Thank you for considering this application,

Andrew Carrano