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An online profile is essential for any sports professional

While lots of sites like transfermarkt, Wikipedia, Linkedin and Twitter all offer a sort of way to showcase yourself there are issues with them all for different reasons.

Sites like transfermakt are sometimes hard to get on to and often have incorrect information while LinkedIn shows information but users often need to connect to see all information and even then it is more of a networking tool.

SportsJobFinder can make online profile lets you showcase your main information so you stand out online and share it with the world.

  •  Use our Industry experience to develop a personalised online profile
  • Highlight your current employment position, personal details, qualifications, bio, club/employment history 
  • The profile will be searchable via google + multiple other search engines
  • SEO friendly
  • Option for the profile to be shared via SportsJobFinder multiple platforms of over 100.000 followers from the sports industry
  •  Be seen!
  • Link to your new CV/Profile
  • A link to your other Sport Careers documents
  • A feed to any videos you may wish to add
  • A link to your own personal website
  • A full biography on your background
  • A list of your key achievements
  • A list of your qualifications
  • A photo gallery
  • You have unlimited updates to your CV/Profile
  •  BE SEEN !
  • This page is yours and you can then send it directly to employers if you wish.
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Looking to be seen by thousands of employers in the sporting industry. Send in your CV showcasing your key highlights and achievements.

For only a small fee your cv will be shared on all our social media platforms(LinkedIn,Instagram,Facebook, Twitter) gaining you the advantage other other candidates.