Oct 12, 2021

Administrator - Devon Youth Games Trust - Closing date 29 October 2021

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Job Description


The key functions of the role of Administrator:
• to take the minutes of the Board Meetings and Sub-Committee meetings (estimated 4 meetings per month) according to agreed conventions and ensure they are recorded, circulated, approved and filed
• to manage the charity’s trustee meeting and committee meeting business. This involves preparing agendas in liaison with the chair and sub-committee leads, monitoring the progress and scheduling of the committee’s agenda matters.
• .to ensure that the committee operates in accordance with charity governance guidelines.
• to be thoroughly familiar with the charity’s Governing Document so that appropriate advice on the committee’s business in relation to them can be given to them when needed.
• to advise Chair or Sub-Committee Leads on issues relating to the committee and to ensure that the Chair or Lead is well informed when appropriate
• to brief the Chair or Sub-Committee lead before the meeting to ensure that any difficulties in transacting business are anticipated and alternate arrangements are implemented
Key characteristics:
• To be a passionate advocate of environmental sustainability
• To have an interest in health and wellbeing
• To be reliable, trustworthy
• To have sound, independent judgement
• To be tactful, polite and have a good sense of humour


• Good organisational skills
• Highly adept at all Microsoft Office 365 apps
• Be subject to a DBS check


Planet Earth Games is one of the most innovative charities operating across sport and physical activity and the environmental sectors.
We had a lightbulb moment in 2018.

Our charity successfully organised multi-sport events for children for many years. But, as our participants and their families began to become more concerned about the environment, so did we. No longer would we import medals from 6000 miles away and provide stacks of single use plastic bottles of water.

Climate Change is real, and we had to get real too.

We relaunched in 2019 as the Planet Earth Games, the world's first environmental-themed sports event. Our first ever community event in Devon was a great success and we refreshed our activities to include activities that connect people closer to the natural environment including plogging (that's picking up litter and jogging btw), paddleboarding and kayaking.

We passionately believe in the symbiotic relationship between the health of the planet and the health of people.

We are a charity buzzing with loads of new ideas and with real momentum. But the arrival of COVID-19 presented a unique challenge. How could we engage people into physical activity and taking action on climate change without being able to host our events?
Easy! We went "virtual"! Instead of hosting multiple events and the inevitable and unavoidable footprint, we made use of digital technology and created our own virtual challenges.

We gathered a rare coalition of partners from large corporate brands to kitchen table sole traders to public bodies to Olympic champions and community ambassadors - all who shared our ethos of educating, influencing and inspiring people into sustainable, active lives.

The result was incredible. In collaboration with our partners, we delivered daily challenges through August 2020 with daily prizes – all for free - and have now reached a national demographic of hundreds of thousands of people. A monumental increase in participation over our traditional sports model of two years earlier. We have since followed up with a winter version in February 2021 and another summer event in August 2021, which continued our upwards trajectory, including:

• Reaching over 1.5m on social media
• 75% of our participants have learned something new about sustainability
• 64% of participants are more active during Planet Earth Games than in a typical month

We have a scalable, innovative concept that is highly relevant. Now we want to broaden our reach into more communities to nurture active, sustainable lifestyles among wider audiences. We have also recruited a high calibre board who have held - or currently hold - senior roles at the BOA, ECB, IMG. Oracle, Water Babies, SKY, Sport and Recreation Alliance among others. We are at the very exciting phase in our development and are looking for like-minded people to join the journey.

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