Jul 14, 2021

Physical Health Activity Officer - Notts County Foundation - Salary 18,500 - Closing date 23 July 2021

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  • The Portland Centre, Muskham Street, Nottingham, UK
Full time, permanent

Job Description

The primary focus of the Physical Health Officer (PHO) is to provide day to day support, coordination, and delivery of physical health programmes across Notts County Foundation including (but not limited to) CARE (Cancer and Rehabilitation Exercise) Programme, FIT Magpies (weight management), Healthy Hearts (cardiac), and any other health related programmes. The PHO will help people manage and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, recover, achieve their personal goals, build relationships, and connect with their local community.

Included in this will be the consultation of new participants joining our health programmes as well as the monitoring and evaluating of active participants progress against individual targets and broader programme Key Performance Indicators. The PHO will assist in the collection, storage, and analysis of participant data, using such information to contribute to reports and presentations as requested by stakeholders, funders, and partners.

The PHO will also be required to liaise with representatives from Clinical, Health, Social Care, and the Voluntary Sector connecting with medical professionals, stakeholders, and participants with appropriate services and elevating the work of Notts County Foundation.

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