Jun 29, 2021

British Surfing Non-Executive Independent Director (Finance) - British Surfing - Closing date 30 July 2021

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Part time, voluntary Finance

Job Description

Role Description: Independent Director (Finance)
Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 days per month
(term limit is 3x3 years)
Remuneration: Voluntary (With Expenses)
Location: Flexible (Meetings are expected to remain virtual)


British Surfing has recently been awarded progression grant funding from UK Sport which will give us the opportunity to support talented surfers. This is a game-changer for the sport and will enable us to work with the surfing community to build the foundations of talent and world-class performance programmes that complement the culture of surfing.

British Surfing is seeking an Independent Director with a finance background who can support the board through a critical period of transition and development and provide robust financial leadership to ensure that controls and systems are in place to safeguard financial management of British Surfing.

We are looking for a progressive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person. Ideally with previous experience of financial management and being a recipient of significant public funding. You'll be an integral part of the British Surfing team at one of the most pivotal points in the sport's history and will help shape the future of Elite surfing in the UK.

Role Summary

• Review the financial reporting systems to ensure that reports are specified to meet the Board’s and UK Sport’s requirements.
• Liaise with the British Surfing and UK Sport staff with financial responsibilities as required to ensure financial reporting meets their requirements.
• Maintain an understanding of the financial position of BS and the environment in which it operates.
• Prepare policy papers for the Board as identified from time to time.
• Review financial information for presentation to the Board and UK Sport.
• Supporting the development of British Surfing including implementation of appropriate governance and internal controls.

Responsibilities in relation to the Board
• Ensure British Surfing pursues its core purpose, as set out in the Articles, as well as meeting its obligations under company law and other relevant legislation/regulations.
• Ensure British Surfing’s organisational structure and capability, including the resource available, are appropriate for implementing the strategy.
• Develop organisational policies, define goals, set targets and monitor progress against these.
• Create a strong and fulfilling working relationship with the other directors.
• Influence risk appetite and oversee risk strategy.
• Maintain careful oversight of any risk to reputation and/or financial standing of the organisation.

Person Specification
• Commitment to the success of the British Surfing and its objectives.
• Qualified accountant or equivalent relevant experience.
• Willingness to understand the mechanisms, structures and “rules” that limited companies are obligated to operate under.
• Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.
• Experience handling sensitive and confidential issues appropriately.
• Ability to be available to attend events, functions, meetings etc. as appropriate.
• Experience and skills in corporate governance.
• Experience of financial management in a limited company.
• Experience of working/volunteering in the not-for-profit/charity sector.
• Knowledge of Surfing is not an essential requirement for the role.

Role Competencies
• Demonstrates robust, collaborative leadership;
o Has demonstrable experience in building and leading diverse teams, and uniting teams around shared aims and values.
• Experience in developing organisations;
o Demonstrable experience in supporting the establishment and growth of developing organisations.
• Thorough understanding of and ability to implement good governance;
• Knowledge of the principles of good governance, and how these can be applied to sport to achieve optimum performance in governing bodies; the structures and procedures required for decision-making, accountability and transparency and managing conflicts of interest;
• Awareness and understanding of board responsibilities in a small business;
• Has a strong understanding of the role of the board, and the board’s responsibilities with regard to governance, financial management, risk management and public accountability.

Core Competencies
• Excellent Communication Skills;
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Communicates plans and activities in a way that promotes understanding and buy in from others.
• Organisation and effective planning;
o Shows an ability to organise and plan work on behalf of self and others; establishing efficient and appropriate plan of action for the board in line with agreed actions and strategies.
• Ability to develop and maintain effective professional relationships with a variety of stakeholders;
• Understands the importance of building effective relationships, and demonstrates an ability to develop and maintain strong, collaborative professional relationships with a range of stakeholders.
• Flexibility;
o Open to change, and capable of adapting plans and behaviour to account for changes to circumstance or new information. Reacts rapidly to new situations or unexpected obstacles warranting attention.
o Can operate comfortably in different cultural situations.
o Understands the importance of personal and organisational values and demonstrates an ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances.
• Independence and objectivity;
o Demonstrates a clear ability to operate with an independent and objective mindset in the best interests of British Surfing, including during board discussion and interactions with stakeholders.

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