GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER - British Kickboxing Council - Closing date 31 March 2020

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  • Mar 30, 2020
Part time Development

Job Description

The BKC is a non-profit organisation, with a Board of Directors which consists of senior members and representatives from a variety of Kickboxing associations and an Executive Board made up of sector specialists and passionate supporters of our sport.

Our immediate goal is the recognition of Kickboxing under the Sports Councils and to gain official National Governing Body status for the BKC. To that end, we have been working for nearly 10 years to create a system of governance, guidance and support for the sport, agreeing upon its direction and development by way of democratic processes which aim to give control over the sport to the sport itself.

Job Description
As Grassroots Development Officer, you will use your experience to help create a structured process of progression in the sport; from the first time someone hears about Kickboxing to their retirement as a multiple World Champion. Your focus will be on the early development of athletes and casual participants, increasing participation at club level and helping to coordinate the local, regional and national competition circuits.

Although the role is not completely autonomous, as decisions which impact either the sport or the BKC must be put to a vote, your voice will be heard at AGMs, EGMs and regular ongoing discussions regarding the governance of the BKC, and you will be given the chance to propose and manage your own projects.

Responsibilities Include
- Communicating with the BKC Executive Board and Member Bodies to produce a national strategy for grass-roots development within Kickboxing.
- Coordinate with clubs and promoters in your region to implement an effective Grass-roots Development plan.
- Act as a liaison between the BKC and local project leaders.
- Coordinate with County Sports Partnerships and with related BKC project leads.
- Coordinate with project partners/sponsors to maximise exposure and impact of all projects.
- Assemble and manage a team/committee as appropriate.
- Create and deliver reports to the Executive Board and Member Bodies on the progress of various projects and the overall growth of the sport.

We are in the process of developing a brand-new grassroots development system which will provide four structured programs for coaches and which links sporting development goals with educational framework goals. This will be a key focus for the GDO initially, so experience within the education sector, physical education or enhancing positive social impact with sport would be a huge plus!

We are looking for someone with experience in coordinating a range of projects designed to promote sport to the wider community, and to help bring people through that sport to achieve their potential.

Excellent project management skills are essential, as is the ability to work with a range of people both internally and externally, bringing the various departments and individuals within the BKC together and liaising with other organisations within the sporting sector, as well as other sectors entirely (e.g. education).

- Some experience with project management is preferred. A good knowledge of the sport would also be beneficial.
- A proactive attitude and passion for sport in general is essential.

Commitment and Remuneration
All Board members (Executive, Non-Executive, Directors and Officers) volunteer what time they can. We hold a face-to-face AGM, alongside regular (at least monthly) remote meetings with members of the Board and relevant Committees. Attendance at these meetings is expected, where possible, in addition to self-managed work and coordination with other members of the BKC.

The term is 3 years, with a maximum of 3 terms for the role.There are currently no remuneration packages for any Board members or Officers of the BKC, although some expenses are covered where appropriate. As the BKC and the roles with in it grow, this policy will be reviewed.How to apply

Please email a CV and. cover letter to  with the subject "BKC GRASSROOTS"