Lead Group Fitness Trainer - DIYPT - Salary $40 to $60 ph within 3 mths - Closing date 13 Jul 2022

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  • Sydney New South Wales, Australia
  • Jun 13, 2022
Part time fitness trainer

Job Description

Want to be part of a fun, down to earth fitness family, apply now!

We are looking for a Lead Group Fitness Trainer who is fun, energetic and personable with children from the ages of 8 - 15 as well as adults from different cultural backgrounds and geographical locations. We run a variety of fun and engaging fitness programs for children and adults.

Your job will be to lead, instruct and motivate 20-40 students at different Sydney schools in our Fitness for Kids program which we run on sports day at different schools. You'll have another Trainer to help you out so you won't be alone. 

Your job will also be to lead some of our online small group PT sessions in a variety of engaging group fitness online classes including cardiovascular, strength training, HIIT and stretching classes. You'll be working with people of all ages and skill levels.

Your duties as a Lead Group Fitness Trainer will be:

  • Run fun and engaging classes as the number one priority.
  • Demonstrate or explain how to perform various exercises and routines to minimize injuries and improve fitness
  • Observe our children and adults do exercises to ensure that they are using the correct techniques
  • Provide alternative exercises for different levels of fitness and skill
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations in attending the class and the use of exercise equipment
  • May need to occassionally give members information or resources about nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.

Essential Requirements

Desirable Criteria