Active Row Nottingham Programme Manager - London Youth Rowing - Salary £26,000-£28,000 - Closing date 20 July 2022

£26,000 - £28,000 yearly
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  • London, UK
  • May 07, 2022
Full time, permanent management Rowing

Job Description

Role Purpose
As AR Nottingham co-ordinator, you will be responsible for launching and overseeing the Nottingham branch of the Active Row programme. This will include managing the relationship that LYR has with the local schools and organisations at every level, as well as liaising with stakeholders in the programme. You will have to co-ordinate team of volunteers to help you with session delivery, working with the Universities in Nottingham and local rowing organisations to manage this element of the programme. This role will be based in Nottingham working remotely from the rest of the Active Row team and locally with schools, teachers, and other local organisations. However, there will be times throughout the year that you will be working closely with the team of coaches based in London and be expected to visit for work on occasion.While in this role, you will consistently be working and focusing on your own development and experience as a coach and programme lead within the world of rowing and grassroots sports.

While in this role, you will have the chance to shadow peers, have mentors within your team, and have support of your line manager and coach developer. Your development is at the heart of the programme, supported by your colleagues and using the framework of opportunities that LYR will offer, you will be responsible for making the most of your journey with LYR. This opportunity will be powerful and valuable experience that will leave you with the qualifications, skills, and knowledge to flourish if you use it well.

Performance Standards
Manage the Nottingham branch of Active Row

- Setting up and managing the Active Row Programme in Nottingham

- Establishing opportunities to expand and develop the programme

- Overseeing the LYR network in Nottingham

- Liaising and maintaining a relationship with stakeholders including universities and watersports clubs

- Co-ordinating administrative support and volunteers

- Developing a delivery plan for the programme

- Undertaking general administrative tasks and training

- Carrying out remote work and managing your time efficiently

- Provide regular updates and written reports for LYR management and programme funders on the progress of the Active Row programme in Nottingham

- Research and write case studies, supported by other staff, demonstrating the impact of the Active Row programme in Nottingham

Managing Schools and establish indoor and on water activity

- Overseeing the relationship between LYR and the schools/organisations and other partner groups

- Managing the expectations of programme participants and ensuring that the terms of the contract are met, particularly around the usage and servicing of LYR equipment

- Engaging the schools and organisations you work with in all the events the LYR request that they attend

- Organising internal and local events

- Evaluating and reporting to your managers the quality and condition of the relationships you are managing on a regular basis

- Build and promote an LYR Community Open Club as a way of providing recreational rowing opportunities

Coaching Sessions

- Planning and preparing sessions for participants of various skill and ability

- Building SEND and AP participation

- Engaging participants in safe and fun sessions

- Monitoring and recording all the necessary data for sessions that you are leading on or responsible for

- Evaluating and reporting on the progress of participants and sharing feedback with them directly as well as with the group leader and your managers

- Reporting any incidents, damage or safeguarding

concerns using the correct channels

- Leading sessions both on land and on water

‍Developing Yourself

- Managing your attitude and expectations

- Organising yourself and developing a routine that will help you thrive

- Communicating clearly with your colleagues and managers

- Engaging fully in the opportunities that are provided, and completing all the necessary training and qualifications required for the role

- Planning and shaping a development plan that you are passionate about

- Analysing your performance and using that to build your goals

- Evaluating your options and goals

- Reporting and communicating openly and honestly with your managers on your complete experience and journey

Event Management

- Working with a team to co-ordinate and deliver an event

- Promoting events to your network

- Organising and planning specific details and event requirements

- Collection and management of data

- Communicating and supporting participants and group leaders with tasks throughout the event

- Hands on delivery of events in a variety of roles and positions

- Reporting feedback on the event and submitting that to your managers


- Enrolment into LYR pension scheme, with the People’s Pension (subject to meeting qualifying criteria)

- 20 days’ holiday per year plus 4 company gift days (2 during summer and 2 during the Christmas holidays)

- Travel expenses

Person Specification

- Previous experience of co-ordinating or setting up a programme

- Experience of working both independently and as part of a team

- Rowing experience and holds L2 Rowing

Coach qualification

- Understanding and experience using technology

- Previous experience of working independently and remotely

Abilities, skills, and knowledge

- Ability to make sensible decisions

- Willingness to apply yourself

- Committed to developing yourself

- Capable adapting to changing environments and situations

- Skilled at communication, time management, and teamwork

- Holds a current and valid driving licence

Personal attributes

- Enthusiastic approach to working with young people and people with SEND

- Passionate and spirited

- Pragmatic

- Open minded and considerate

- Supportive and helpful

- Engaging

- Professional

- Approachable and accommodating

- Observant

- Confident