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Feb 28, 2020
Title:                              Security Officer, Full-Time Department:                  Building Security                                    Reports Directly To:  Assistant Manager, Security Hours: 3:30pm- 11:30pm, 5 days per week   Position Summary/Description:   Security Officer works within the building security team to provide a safe environment to all those within our facilities.  The purpose of this position is to observe, report and respond to any conditions which affect the safety and/or security of the Xcel Energy Center, 317 On Rice Park and the RiverCentre Complex.    Responsibilities/Essential Functions Perform timely and accurate security/safety patrols throughout the campus Secure and unsecure doors as assigned Gather and report any information about unusual events that occur on campus Monitor and operate security equipment; providing clear, effective and friendly direction Effectively search bags and personal belongs Perform various guest service activities including, but not limited to welcoming guests to the facility, providing directions or assisting with lost persons Complete and record vehicle entry into loading dock Attentively monitor and operate security cameras and communication systems Knowledge and ability to act on building alarm systems and response protocols Ability to perform dock marshal duties Observe and respond to incidents and report incidents/conditions to the appropriate management staff and/or St. Paul Police/Fire Departments. Verbal removal of unwanted guests within the facility  Freight management – monitor and track deliveries, lift, push, and pull freight to move and deliver it when needed.  Respond to requests for assistance from employees and guests  As requested, provide personal escorts to and from locations within the campus facilities Other duties as assigned.   Position Requirements Formal Education & Certification High School Diploma and/or Equivalent Must be 18 years’ old CPR/AED Certified or willing to become within 6 months of employment  Proficient Computer Skills  Previous experience in security-related field, experience in uniformed contract Security Company, military or law enforcement preferred.   Knowledge & Experience Proven reliability, dependability and flexibility Strong customer service skills Ability to communicate effectively with clients and other department personnel and management Strong attention to details Ability to remain calm and effective in challenging situations; ability to accept direction Able to work with minimal supervision  Previous experience monitoring video surveillance preferred    Work Conditions Ability and flexibility to work day, evening, overnight hours and holidays Must be able to pass a background check Lifting requirements – must be able to lift a minimum of 20 pounds and occasionally up to 50 pounds. Physical requirements include sitting, walking, standing, bending, squatting, climbing stairs, kneeling, twisting, lifting, grasping, etc.   Benefits Comprehensive health benefits to fit your needs 401(k) matching On the job training Free parking or bus pass Volunteer opportunities On-site fitness center    As an officially designated Yellow Ribbon Company, we are committed to serving those who have served our country, we encourage service members and veterans to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 
SportsJobFinder Saint Paul, MN, USA Full time
Feb 28, 2020
Job Title:                                          Ticket Sales Representative Department:                                  Ticket Sales & Services Reporting:                                       Manager of Ticket Sales                                  Job Summary Under the direction of the Manager of Ticket Sales, the Ticket Sales Representative responsibilities include selling and servicing new accounts, create new ideas to increase ticket sales and perform basic office functions as needed. Tasks and Responsibilities: Sell Tucson Roadrunners products including season tickets, partial/mini plan packages, and group tickets. Build relationships to provide repeat business and excellent customer service. Proactively create opportunities for new business with existing customers. Make a minimum of 60 cold calls from provided lists to area companies to sell season, group and partial plan ticket packages. Call past customers and cold call new sales leads to generate sales. Handle incoming sales calls from sales prospects for all ticket products. Conduct in-arena appointments and tours of the Tucson Arena. Meet or exceed assigned sales goals for all ticket products. Maintain and complete accurate records of all ticket product customers. Work games to support ticket sales promotional initiatives. Required Knowledge/Skills/Job Qualifications: Knowledge, Skill and Ability Excellent communication skills, both written and oral Manage multiple relationships well Detail oriented and organized Aggressive, competitive and committed Highly motivated with a desire to be successful Effective time management skills Education and Formal Training: College degree required. Experience: Prior telemarketing and/or sales experience is preferred but not required. Material and Equipment Used : Daily use of Ticketmaster and Archtics software as well as Excel and Microsoft CRM   We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
SportsJobFinder Tucson, AZ, USA Full time

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ob Description Under Armour Running Ambassador     Location:  Birmingham, England (field based)                                   Start date:  Early March 2020 Duration:  December 2020 / evening and weekend working required / 5 days a week Salary:  £25,000 PA / Pro Rata Licence:  Full UK Driving License is mandatory   Do you want to be part of developing one of the world’s leading sports brands within the running community? A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a charismatic, connected and motivated individual with a love for running and training. Working directly for TRO Group, but with close contact to the client, we have a full-time position available for a new Running Ambassador, located in the Midlands. We want you!   From connecting with influential stakeholders in the running world, to delivering retailer training on new products, to holding shoe trial sessions with run crews, you will be the face of the brand in the field, managing your diary and building your contact network.   This is a high-profile role and needs a person with certain characteristics;   A swagger and engaging attitude with a passion for presenting to small and medium sized audiences Knows their turf Highly skilled in event management An active part of the running community Shows a creative spark Is all heart and hustle Brand crazy Authentic to the athlete Socially connected Aware of trends in the sports and running industry Self-motivated, proactive, adaptable problem-solver Relentless energy - trains to run and runs to train!   Key responsibilities:   Planning and executing running trial events across your region and wider parts of the UK Developing contact network Creation of weekly trial calendar, working with partners to shape Driving community engagement online through social channels Asset management Weekly online reporting   How to apply:   Send your CV, and cover letter and 60 second video bio detailing your passion for running and why you would make the perfect UA representative to
A curriculum vitae is the chief way to sell yourself on paper.  Success depends on how far it meets the criteria, background and bias of the person reading it. Follow these tips to equip yourself with the best Curriculum vitae Read Read the job advert and specification thoroughly – it’s important to know exactly what it is they are looking for Read any company literature or publicity material associated with the role Refer to the website of the original job advertisement Read your current Curriculum vitae. Are you happy with it? Does it fully reflect you as a person and the skills you have to offer? Read any professional journals, newspapers or current articles related to your field and the position you are going for. Consider what employers are looking for within that field Use any resources you can find about Curriculum vitae advice. You might find ideas from others you hadn’t considered Think Ask yourself ‘How employable am I? Think about the range of skills and competencies that are required – then consider how you can tailor your experience and skills to meet those requirements Think about your current skills portfolio – are there ways to increase your chances of success? Are there any new qualifications/standards that will enhance your skillsets? Are there any new developments which would require different skills and attributes Think about the type of language that is used in the literature. What does it tell you about the company/type of person they are looking for? Think about the range of skills and the evidence you have to support them Just how employable are you? Act Write a clear list of your skills, qualities and experience that are essential for the position – can you back them up with evidence? – create a skills portfolio Refer to your skills portfolio – is the language the same? Is it positive and active? Do you need to update the way in which you describe yourself and your experiences/skills? Perform a thorough review of your current Curriculum vitae against your skills and those required by the position. Also, seek feedback on your current Curriculum vitae from colleagues, specialists and career experts Again refer back to your current CV with this in mind. Also, try to identify anyone who works in a similar role/organisation and contact them to discuss the job opportunity (plan what you need to know before contacting them) Ask other people for copies of their current CV. The more examples you have the better. However remember this is going to be your personal CV – make sure it is a reflection of you. Remember also that you can learn from examples of ‘how not to do it’ as well Start to prioritise these skills. Identify what categories they fall into. Are there any gaps that you need to work on? The seven deadly Curriculum Vitae sins Pauline Quinn, Careers Consultant, University of Gloucestershire explains the biggest  Curriculum Vitae mistakes. Beware! Having the words ‘curriculum vitae’ at the top of your CV.  It is obvious that your document is a CV and putting a heading on it would be like sending a letter to your bank with the words ‘letter to my bank’ across the top. A photo .Employers don’t want to be open to charges that they have treated one applicant less fairly than another because of their appearance.  If they want to verify your identity, they will ask you to bring photo I.D. to an interview. An unprofessional email address. Ask yourself are you going to make a good first impression with something like ‘’ As one recruiter recently commented: “to me it is like showing up for an interview in shorts and a t-Shirt.” A third page. They won’t read that far. Your date of birth/ marital status. These factors have nothing to do with your ability to do the job. Your nationality – unless you are using the CV in a country where this would be an issue due to work permits/visas. Poor spelling, bad grammar or a font size less than 11. Just don’t!
If you’re on the hunt for a new job, we can assume one of two things. Either you don’t like where you are now and you’re looking for a way out. Or you’re okay with your job, but you’re yearning for something more fulfilling. Regardless of your reasons, you’re spending countless hours online searching for the next best thing in your career. During your search, you may hesitate to apply for roles that spark your interest because you’re not sure if you qualify. You start asking yourself questions like, “Do I have enough experience? Do I have the  right  experience? Should I apply even though I’m lacking in key areas?” When these moments occur, try using these 3 simple pre-qualifying steps to make this judgment call. This process will set the groundwork for how you navigate and approach new and intimidating job opportunities. 1. Create a Career-Impact Checklist Creating an impact checklist is a great tool to utilize when you want to gauge how a role will move you closer to your ideal role. Think of it as a moral compass for your career. It will capture, streamline, and measure your career goals and aspirations against the job positions presented to you. This checklist only requires four questions and the answers don’t have to be convoluted. Just jot down a few sentences underneath each prompt: What kind of work do you want to do? What do you want your work to accomplish? What does your ideal company look like? (company culture, compensation, etc) What kind of impact would you like to have at that company? This may sound simple, but these four questions carry a lot of weight. Keeping them in the forefront of your job search can help you decide which opportunities and organizations best align with your life’s work. Now, we’re not telling you to dismiss every role or company that doesn’t fit perfectly into your plans. However, this step will allow you to quickly identify which role and organization is the best fit for you. 2. Evaluate Your Resume; Read In-Between the Lines Most job seekers are aware that their resumes should highlight their strengths, accomplishments, and passion. Your resume should document the story of who you are, who you want to become, and the steps you have taken to reach that goal. If you need support in this area, here are a few tips that will  whip your resume into tip-top shape . But here is the kicker. Though many eager candidates update their resumes, rarely do they take the time to actually evaluate them. Let’s dig deeper, shall we? Evaluating the opportunity gaps reflected in your resume is a strategy you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your job search. What do we mean by opportunity gaps? Opportunity gaps are clearly identified areas of improvement that indicate what needs to be done in order to take you to that next level in your career. So, how do you pinpoint your opportunity gaps? Evaluate each role and the responsibilities that came with it (as it pertains to your dream job). Write down the areas where you would like to grow, advance or shift professionally. If you’re tired of doing the same ol’ tasks you’ve done for the last few years, make a note of it on the side of your resume, and then cross it out to indicate you’re moving on to something more challenging. If there are certain aspects of your past roles you would like to do more of or learn more about – highlight the duties you would like to take on in the future. If you’re thinking about  shifting functions or careers (especially from the private to the education sector), first – circle all of the transferable skills that can be implemented in your next role. If you feel like you’re lacking in experience, education or skill set, write down everything you need to do in order to make yourself competitive in this new space. Then, set tentative deadlines and steps to proactively close the gap. You’ll also want to list out what you liked and disliked about the previous organizations you’ve worked for. Think of the roles you’ve held and the  actual  responsibilities that came along with them. You know, the ones that weren’t included in the initial job description. How did you like the role and how it was structured? What was the leadership like? Did the company culture make you feel like you belonged? Was there room to grow and advance in a way that was conducive to your goals? All these questions are important when you’re looking to join a dynamic team at your future dream organization. Documenting your evaluation process will help you map out what you really want to see manifested in your next role. This information is crucial as it will be the driving force behind how you execute Step 3. 3. Align Your Goals and Your Gaps With Your Research Now that you have a clear idea of what you want to do and what you need in order to get there, use this information as your reference point during your job hunt. As you research new roles and organizations, compare them with the notes you took down on your Career-Impact Checklist and your resume. Bookmark the jobs and companies that align with your areas of growth and advancement. Having your checklist and evaluation notes present during your job search can increase your focus and improve your decision making. Knowing exactly what you want to gain from a role and how you can contribute to an organization will allow you to narrow down, expand and/or eliminate your options in a clear, quick and confident manner. Plus, it will take the edge off of wondering if you’re qualified for a position. At that point, the question will shift from “Am I qualified?” to “Based on my goals, my areas of growth, and my experience – is this truly the right fit for me?” See! Way less intimidating right?
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