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Sports recruitment… Getting a job is simple, right? Well, it’s easier when you follow sports recruitment expert Dan Reeves’s advice. A sports recruiter for The Executives in Sport Group, he knows his stuff! Apply for a job for the right reasons In sports recruitment don’t apply for a role because you like a particular sport, or because you support a particular team. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy the role, the novelty will soon wear off. Don’t devalue your own experience. Don’t just hit ‘submit’ Sending a CV isn’t enough. Writing a personalised cover letter explaining why you want the job shows effort. Be sure you’ve addressed it to the right person. We’ve heard of one letter, sent for a job at Manchester United, addressed to Manchester City. Guess what happened to that application… Research the company In sports recruitment it is so important to do your background research and get to know your interviewees, and the organisation itself. They’ll be doing the same with you, so find people on LinkedIn, or on social media, and read up on the company. Edit your social media account Prospective employers will look at social media pages, so keep certain things private if you don’t want them aired to the public. We’ve seen people lose jobs because of social media. It doesn’t always have to be lewd or drunken photos, if you like to vent your opinions about the sports you love, consider how an employer might view them. Don’t waste people’s time It’s amazing how many people apply for jobs without considering all the ramifications. Some people apply for jobs simply for the bargaining tool when it comes to getting a pay rise in their current role. Others don’t consider the details of the role itself, or the consequences of, say, having to move. A lot of people tell us they want to move into or closer to London without realizing how expensive it is. Others don’t consider the cost of the commute, or the effects of having to move away from family and friends. There’s a personal element to every job, so consider the finer details. Know your CV Don’t lie in your CV, obviously, but also familiarize yourself with what you’ve written. If you’re asked about anything you’ve said, you need to know the answer. Don’t waffle! Consider your strengths and weaknesses. You will be asked, so be prepared. First impressions count Many decisions are made in the first 30 seconds of an interview. Dress smart, but consider the small details. It might sound silly, but even wearing the wrong colour can end your application before you’ve even had a chance to sing your own praises. If the club has a particular colour, don’t turn up in those of their main rivals. Ask questions Show your interest! Show your interviewer you want the job and prepare questions to ask. Sports recruitment can be a challenging environment. It can seem glamorous working in sport, but it can involve unsociable hours and unique situations. Think long and hard if you’re prepared to work hard
With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading – many sporting events have been postponed or cancelled. So, we wanted to know: Would you attend sporting events amidst Coronavirus fears if the events weren’t canceled? The results did not disappoint. 52.82% of fans stated they would attend sporting events, while the remaining 47.18% of fans put their health first. We are unsure if this is a showing of unrivaled dedication or a sign that public attendance bans are absolutely necessary. Time will tell.  
ob Description Under Armour Running Ambassador     Location:  Birmingham, England (field based)                                   Start date:  Early March 2020 Duration:  December 2020 / evening and weekend working required / 5 days a week Salary:  £25,000 PA / Pro Rata Licence:  Full UK Driving License is mandatory   Do you want to be part of developing one of the world’s leading sports brands within the running community? A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a charismatic, connected and motivated individual with a love for running and training. Working directly for TRO Group, but with close contact to the client, we have a full-time position available for a new Running Ambassador, located in the Midlands. We want you!   From connecting with influential stakeholders in the running world, to delivering retailer training on new products, to holding shoe trial sessions with run crews, you will be the face of the brand in the field, managing your diary and building your contact network.   This is a high-profile role and needs a person with certain characteristics;   A swagger and engaging attitude with a passion for presenting to small and medium sized audiences Knows their turf Highly skilled in event management An active part of the running community Shows a creative spark Is all heart and hustle Brand crazy Authentic to the athlete Socially connected Aware of trends in the sports and running industry Self-motivated, proactive, adaptable problem-solver Relentless energy - trains to run and runs to train!   Key responsibilities:   Planning and executing running trial events across your region and wider parts of the UK Developing contact network Creation of weekly trial calendar, working with partners to shape Driving community engagement online through social channels Asset management Weekly online reporting   How to apply:   Send your CV, and cover letter and 60 second video bio detailing your passion for running and why you would make the perfect UA representative to
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