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I am currently Head of the Girls’ Athletics Program and Head of Field Hockey at Brighton College. I am an enthusiastic, hard working member of the athletics department and I committed to the success of our athletes. .

My promotion to Head of the Girls’ Athletics Program has been a challenging one, managing a large staff body while having to run the Field Hockey program for over 500 students. Within the Hockey program we can regularly field 14 teams sometimes more and it is my job to ensure all the logistics including fixtures, transport, budgets and catering are all managed and arranged. This is a challenge in itself, as Brighton College currently has no ownership of their own facilities so I encounter many last minute issues meaning my problem solving abilities and organization is at the highest possible level.

Outside of the Hockey term, it is my responsibility to make sure that all Heads of Sports and coaches are trying to achieve the same goal, producing the performances expected of a Brighton College member of staff but also to ensure a happy team. As their line manager, I act as a voice between senior management and my team – ensuring that they feel valued but also that overall goals are met.

My week consists of coaching every afternoon and some evenings as well as teaching Physical Education. The administration involved in my role as Head of Hockey ensures I work outside of hours to ensure everything is smooth running. This includes double-checking arrangements to ensure all details are perfect, from bus sizes and arrival times, which teams need to arrive at what times at different venues, which staff will/can drive to save costs, meeting with the catering department in advance to discuss requirements, what time the catering will arrive at each home destination and the correct staffing, ensuring we are within budget for all facilities/transport/catering/equipment and re-evaluating budgets with the finance team for the next academic year. Dealing with last minute changes such as players/staff illness, opposition problems with transport/traffic – all of which show my adaptability and forward thinking skills. All of this proves my ability to multi task and still consistently meet deadlines and perform to a high level.

I have now been Head of Field Hockey at two very different institutions and in both I have gained the trust of athletes and improved their performances, some from 30%-70% win ratio. In order to improve their win ratio, I had to introduce new training development programs, a new recruitment initiative, psychology strategies, strength and conditioning programs, video analysis, tours, dinners and new kits for all teams.

I have high expectations of myself and I take my role very seriously, not just in Hockey but also the all round individual. I have come across many athletes who have struggled academically and I felt it was my job to mentor them through their Hockey ability to encourage them to be the best they could be. This proved to be vital for many athletes who went on to graduate with positive results. These sorts of relationships are then useful when contacting alumni to help with fundraising and planning events.

This academic year I have completed my NQT year in addition to teaching Physical Education at GCSE level and BTEC Sports Science Level 3, a tutor to 17 Year 12 girls, while also leading in sport as the current Head of Girls’ games and Head of Hockey. As part of my teaching post at Milton Abbey and placement teaching as part of the PGCE at a local state school I taught a range of specifications, from leading BTEC Sport Level 3 to GCSE/A Level PE. I also taught KS3 Biology. Milton Abbey had a wide range of students with a wide range of learning needs and this was a big contrast to the successful, highly academic students at Brighton College. This challenged my ability to differentiate in all aspects of my role within school, be it academically or pastorally. These challenges I feel have helped me develop into a more holistic practitioner.

Last year I was also Head of Hockey and an Assistant Housemistress in one of the four boys’ boarding houses at Milton Abbey. Throughout my time at Milton Abbey I relished the pastoral elements of my role with all its unique challenges. It allowed me to work on developing strong relationships with the boys in house. I worked tirelessly to attend to their needs academically and support them through times of challenge whilst cultivating positive relationships with parents, to ensure positive outcomes for students during their time at Milton Abbey.  I am incredibly passionate about leading within the boarding experience again at some point in my career.

In addition I have played Hockey in the National Premier League (highest level in England) and I am a sponsored Ritual athlete, I have strong links with the brand and this has benefitted the athletes. Part of this contract ensures that I am always demonstrating a high level of leadership, sportsmanship and acting in the best possible manner.

Away from Hockey, I have played Rounders for England from the age of 12, swam for the Midlands and played football for Birmingham City, Coventry City and currently Crawley. I have also played Netball and Tennis at first team level. I understand the importance of being a role model; I feel that I throw myself into anything asked of me, going the extra mile. In the past this has included: creating videos to help marketing (can be seen on YouTube), running twitter accounts for each sport, visiting prep schools to enhance the schools reputation and encourage sports scholars.


  • Hard working
  • organised
  • self motivated

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Holly Turbill


To contact this candidate email holly.turbill@hotmail.com

Contact using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook