Coaches and Players Who Complain – Sports Blog By Daniel Scarpino

As coaches and players, we can point the finger all we want, but ultimately, we can only control what we do. The things during the course of a game that are within our control are the things that we need to focus on – Everything else is simply not for us to dictate. A concept that one would think is pretty logical is that coaches and players focus on themselves and their team. However, there is a lot of blame game and finger pointing in sports. Really, let’s call it for what it is – It’s unwarranted and unnecessary complaining. There is an accountability piece missing somewhere. But coaches and players who complain need to get rid of the complain-first type attitude, and they need to get rid of it quickly.

How often we hear – “It was the ref’s fault”, “The playing object sucked”, “The playing surface was brutal”, “The other team was too rough”, etc. These are not isolated comments/statements. These have now become staples for coaches and players. When things go south, people like to put the blame on others or other things in order to not feel so bad about losing or performing poorly. It’s a reality, and I’ve been seeing it for years.

It’s so simple – Stop complaining about things that are out of your control. Great coaches and great players coach & play through adversity. They play in elements that aren’t ideal and they don’t make excuses for things not going their way. Not just that, but as a coach, if you constantly complain – Then what message is that sending your kids/players? Not a very good one, that I can tell you.

At the end of the day, here is what it comes down to – Just coach and just play. Keep your mouth closed. Let your coaching and playing be the thing that people remember, not the words of your mouth that were constantly negative.

Coaches and players who complain are not really coaches or players, are they? To not be politically correct, these people are “complainers”. A simple piece of advice – Don’t be a complainer – Be a coach and a player, and do your job well.